A selection of photos from The Lovie Awards including on stage moments, red carpet shots and more. For the full archive, please visit The Lovie Awards on Flickr.

1st Annual Lovie Awards

  • Tweetdeck's Iain Dodsworth Accepts A Lovie Award for Breakout of the Year

  • Emma Burkett Accepts Bjork's Lovie Award for Lifetime Achievement

  • AMVBBDO Accepts Silver Lovie Award for Social Media Marketing

  • David-Michael Davis at the Inaugural Lovie Awards

  • Nick Farnhill of Poke London at The Inaugural Lovie

  • Nicolas Roope - Partner and founder of Poke London, Co-chairman of Internet Week Europe, and the Judging chair of The Lovie Award

  • Soleil Noir Accepts Lovie Award for Design

  • The Inaugural Lovie Awards

  • The Lovie Awards