2024 Lovie Awards Judges

The Lovie Awards is judged by the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences. Our Lovie judges are intellectually diverse leaders with renown across Europe. They review work in seven languages: Español, Italiano, Français, Deutsch, Nederlands, Svenska, and English.

Explore the complete list of judges on IADAS, the official judging body for The Lovie Awards.

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A photo of Camille Emina
Head of Digital Production, Musée du Louvre Camille Emina
A photo of Liz Bertorelli
Head of Social, Feeld Liz Bertorelli
A photo of Joy Howard
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Early Majority, Inc Joy Howard
A photo of Michelle Lu
CEO, Semaine Michelle Lu
A photo of Ben Silvertown
Founder, Lapse Ben Silvertown
A photo of Carry Somers
Co-Founder, Fashion Revolution Carry Somers
A photo of Camilla Calvert
Business Marketing Lead, Reddit Camilla Calvert
A photo of Ibrahim Seck
Creative Director, Media.Monks Paris Ibrahim Seck
A photo of Julia Schneller
Co-Founder, Very Nice Julia Schneller
A photo of Albert Hill
Co-Founder, The Modern House Albert Hill
A photo of Jade Coles
Cultural Event Programming Director, Apple Jade Coles
A photo of Stefanos Constantinou
VP, Brand Partnerships & General Manager, Highsnobiety Amsterdam Stefanos Constantinou
A photo of Baptiste Briel
Co-Founder & CEO, Antinomy Studio Baptiste Briel
A photo of Aditi Rajagopal
Head of Experience Design, Immersive, Atlantic Productions Aditi Rajagopal
A photo of Elliot Verhaeren
CEO, McArnolds Elliot Verhaeren
A photo of Eshita Kabra-Davies
Founder & CEO, By Rotation Eshita Kabra-Davies
A photo of John Bruce
CEO & Co-founder, Inrupt John Bruce
A photo of Clelia Mountford
Co-Founder, Merman TV & Film Clelia Mountford
A photo of Marc Kremers
Founder, Future Corps Marc Kremers
A photo of Christoph Lange
Manager Global Digital Marketing + web3, Jägermeister Christoph Lange
A photo of Joanna Aveillan
International expansion director, Acast Joanna Aveillan
A photo of Ines Alpha
Global Creative e-makeup artist at Prada Beauty Ines Alpha
A photo of Daisy Alioto
Co-Founder & CEO, DIRT Daisy Alioto
A photo of Amy Dick
SVP Business & Impact, Anyone Amy Dick
A photo of Stephane Xiberras
President and CEO, BETC Paris Stephane Xiberras
A photo of Quentin Briel-Duchatel
Partner & Studio Director, Antinomy Studio Quentin Briel-Duchatel
A photo of Lea Karam
Consulting Director, Behave Lea Karam
A photo of Gillian Orr
Writer & Editor, 'Slouching Towards Bethnal Green' substack Gillian Orr
A photo of Jon Ronson
Author, Journalist & Podcast Host Jon Ronson
A photo of Janvier Wete
Filmmaker, Founder Minute Shorts Janvier Wete
A photo of Roxanne Nejad
VP Marketing, Cleo AI Roxanne Nejad
A photo of Enea Rossi
Creative & Co-Founder, Adoratorio Studio Enea Rossi
A photo of Gina Tonic
Co-Host, The Polyester Podcast Gina Tonic
A photo of Jo Gilmour
Managing Partner, Talent Atelier Jo Gilmour
A photo of Lucille Moreau
Global Head of Culture & PR, Danone Lucille Moreau
A photo of Ione Gamble
Co-Host, The Polyester Podcast Ione Gamble
A photo of Yv Corbeil
Managing Director & Chief Creative Officer, Niji Yv Corbeil
A photo of Nikola Vasakova
Founder, Girls in Film Nikola Vasakova
A photo of Boris Carreau
Regional Partner, Willie Beamen Boris Carreau
A photo of Efemena Okogba
CEO, The Digital Fairy Efemena Okogba
A photo of Namrata Sandhu
Founder, Vaayu Namrata Sandhu
A photo of Anne Kim
Partner, IDEO Anne Kim
A photo of Ariel	Wengroff
Global Marketing & Comms, Ledger Ariel Wengroff
A photo of Maeve Delahunt
Head of UK Marketing, Snap Inc. Maeve Delahunt
A photo of Ibrahim Kamara
Co-Founder, GUAP Ibrahim Kamara
A photo of Dr. Rebecca Gomperts
Founder & Director, Women on Waves Dr. Rebecca Gomperts
A photo of Rachel Saywell-Burr
Founder, Talent Atelier Rachel Saywell-Burr
A photo of Rani Patel
Managing Director & Founder, Calling Rani Patel
A photo of Jenny Gyllander
Founder & CEO, Thingtesting Jenny Gyllander
A photo of Kemi Fatoba
Writer & Founder, DADDY Magazine Kemi Fatoba
A photo of Lydia Pang
Founder, MORNING Lydia Pang
A photo of Ousman Sahko
Co-founder, Blacktag Ousman Sahko
A photo of Jonathan Fagan
Co-Founder, Midnight Jonathan Fagan
A photo of Michelle Kennedy
Founder & CEO, Peanut Michelle Kennedy
A photo of Titus van Dijk
Founder, Tonny Media Titus van Dijk
A photo of Aleksandra Melnikova
Co-Founder, Cosmic Velocity Aleksandra Melnikova
A photo of Alexandre Dohr
CEO & Partner, &why Alexandre Dohr
A photo of Alexandre Boutry
Creative Director, Jellyfish Alexandre Boutry
A photo of Alexis Champa
Executive Creative Director Alexis Champa
A photo of Charlotte Brattinga
Founder & Host, Brand News Charlotte Brattinga
A photo of Clément	Morin
Creative Strategy Lead, Twitch Clément Morin
A photo of Davor Bruketa
Creative Director & Founder, Bruketa&Zinic&Grey Davor Bruketa
A photo of Dragoş Tudorache
MEP, European Parliament Dragoş Tudorache
A photo of Dries Verbruggen,
Founder, Unfold Dries Verbruggen,
A photo of Gillian Davis
Founder, Overtime Leader Gillian Davis
A photo of Huiwen Tow
CEO, Virtue Worldwide Huiwen Tow
A photo of Jan Eumann
Executive Creative Director, Wolff Olins Jan Eumann
A photo of Jasmine Douglas
Founder, Babes on Waves Jasmine Douglas
A photo of Jesper Ellesson
Design Lead, Fantasy Interactive Jesper Ellesson
A photo of João Inacio
International Creative Director, DEPT® João Inacio
A photo of Jyri von Schoultz
Creative Director, 20/20 Helsinki Jyri von Schoultz
A photo of Nico Sarti
Global VP of Creative Strategy, Condé Nast Nico Sarti
A photo of Patricia Gloum
Co-Founder & Creative Director, Braw Haus Patricia Gloum
A photo of Paulius Senuta
CEO, Not Perfect Vilnius Paulius Senuta
A photo of Peter Ampe
CCO, FamousGrey Peter Ampe
A photo of Raminta Rimkiene
CEO & Partner, Fabula Rud Pedersen Group Raminta Rimkiene
A photo of Rebecca	Skyes
Head of Emerging Technology, Brandtech Rebecca Skyes
A photo of Stephan Giest
CEO, Phillipp & Keuntje Stephan Giest
A photo of Zhenya Rynzhuk
Art Director & Co-founder, Synchronized Studio Zhenya Rynzhuk
A photo of Malin Persson
Independent Designer Malin Persson