About The Lovie Awards

What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

Winning a Lovie Award is a huge achievement. But you don’t have to take our word for it.

“Winning a Lovie Award inspires us to keep innovating in the intersection of art, design and digital.”

Tate Media

To us, the Lovies are the pinnacle of European appreciation for our work. – Fabrique, Netherlands

We’re absolutely delighted and proud to have won multiple Lovie Awards. This stamp of approval shows we’re amongst the best in class at digital. – Dept Agency, Netherlands

Our phone has been ringing off the hook since winning a Lovie Award.
– UZIK, Paris

Winning a Lovie Award is proof that we are one of the best agencies in Europe.
– Oakwood Digital Creative Agency, Stockholm

The Lovie Awards celebrates the very best in originality and creativity online.
– VICE Media, UK

Winning was a huge deal for our whole network. The Lovie Awards touts the value of having PR at core and adding a creative, technological layer; it’s brought us new clients.
– Edelman Deportivo, Sweden

The Lovie Awards gives a 360° review of the Internet, from editorial to user experience to design to IT.
– Condé Nast International, Italy

At Toca Boca we are passionate about making the best digital products for kids. We see the Lovie Award as one important sign that we are doing things right.
– tocaboca.com

The Lovie Awards separates the signal from the noise.
– Mubi

The Lovies stand out for carefully selecting work that is as relevant now as it will be in the future.
– Coolhunting

The Lovie Awards, a prestigious competition for websites, tablet apps, mobile sites and digital video.
– The Sunday Times

Europe is full of creative energy and a unique and rich variety of influences. It’s fantastic to have a place where the very best of every country configures a fresh new creative identity for Europe.
– Rafa Soto, Founder Herraiz Soto & Co.

We love blogging, we love news, we love our Lovie Award.
– The Huffington Post

It is time the Internet was not judged from just one continent. Great sites are coming from all of Europe, and I’m thrilled to be part of the team that will reward them.
– Christophe Abric, Editor-in-Chief, La Blogothèque

It was an honour to be included amongst an amazing amount of impressive work from Europe.
– The BBC

We need more opportunities to showcase and celebrate the best of European talent, bringing this recognition closer to home can only be a good thing.
– Iain Dodsworth, Founder, Tweetdeck

Getting recognition for our work on a European scale not only makes our teams proud, but also helps our customers to emphasize internally the importance of focussing on high quality digital products.
– Q42, the Netherlands