Congratulations! You’ve won a Lovie Award. You’ve officially joined the ranks of the European Internet’s best and brightest, making you—and your work—an industry leader. Now it’s time to let the world know. Here are some reasons why promoting your win is always a good idea.

You’ll impress your clients.

Whether it’s maintaining current clients or winning new business, adding the title “Lovie Award Winner” to your list of achievements shows your work is a cut above and gives your clients and prospects the confidence they need to invest in your services.

You can make headlines.

Lovie Winners earn media coverage around the world, from publications like The Guardian, VICE, The Huffington Post, Wallpaper*, The Independent, Dazed, Vanity Fair, The Next Web, Gründerszene, Le Monde and WIRED, among others. Becoming a Lovie Awards Winner offers countless publicity opportunities in national, local and trade media, and it’s also a great addition to internal communications and marketing materials.

You can salute your team in a big way.

Your Lovie win is the perfect opportunity to recognise your team for their accomplishments. Sharing your Lovie news with the world shows your team that you value their hard work—and you want the world to know that they’ve made something amazing.

You’re outstanding. And you can prove it.

The Lovies receives entries from all across Europe, but only the very best are chosen as Lovie Winners by our Academy and the online voting public. Winning a Lovie puts you in the same company as past winners representing the best of the European Internet like Stephen Fry, Annie Lennox, Soundcloud, George the Poet, Ashley Walters, Evanna Lynch, the BBC, JR, WeTransfer, Sophie Wilson, Dr. Sue Black, Eden Upton, Livia Firth, Yann LeCun, Lily Cole and many more.

Celebrate + Share with fellow Winners.

All Lovie and People’s Lovie Award Winners are announced on 19 November 2020 and celebrated in the first-ever virtual Lovie Awards experience: Lovies X Everywhere. This is a special gallery showcasing winners’ 7 Words of Lovie acceptance speeches, as well as Special Achievement Winners.

You get to record and upload your “7 Words of Lovie” speech.

As the European sister to the international Webby Awards—known for its hallmark 5-Word Speech—The Lovie Awards speech tradition is the 7 Words of Lovie.

As a nod to the seven native languages of work submitted into The Lovies, all winner speeches must be 7 words only—a fun and creative constraint.

All Lovie Winners can record and upload a 7 Words of Lovie speech to commemorate their work and team in Lovies X Everywhere, where the world is invited to watch and share speeches far and wide. Start preparing your speech now with these tips.

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