(26 September, 9am CET 2023) –  Finalists for the 13th Annual Lovie Awards have been announced, including work by Sky, Volkswagen, Automobili Lamborghini, Jägermeister, Britvic, TEDxAmsterdam Women, Prime Video, Deutsche Telekom, L’Oréal Paris, WWF, Spotify, National Trust, PensionBee, Race Equality Matters, MTV International, HEMA, The National Archives, Unilever, Fritz Hansen, HSBC, The Financial Times, Iranian Diaspora Collective and more. 

Presented by The Webby Awards, The Lovie Awards recognises European Internet excellence in the fields of culture, technology and business. In a season that marked a new era for the Lovie Awards – including an all-new brand, new website, new judges and new categories – the competition received a record breaking 1,200 entries from 30 countries. 

All Finalists announced today are eligible to win the European Internet industry’s most prestigious awards: Gold, Silver and Bronze Lovie Awards selected by the Academy, and the People’s Lovie Award, voted on by the online community at Voting for The People’s Lovie Awards is open now until Thursday, 12 October at 11:59 pm GMT.

“The Finalists of the 13th Annual Lovie Awards represent a diverse, challenging, and highly competitive cross-section of Europe’s most outstanding creative and technical digital work”, says Jacqueline Kavanagh, Managing Director of the Lovie Awards. “They collectively represent the core values, capabilities, and pioneering spirit of Europe’s digital culture and community. We are not just proud but truly exhilarated to share this snapshot of European internet excellence, as we continue to work towards the Lovie Awards vision: recognizing the best digital innovations from Europe can inspire a better Internet, globally.” 

Lovie Award Finalists are selected by the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences (IADAS). Members include Efemena Okogba, CEO, The Digital Fairy, Leila Fataar, Founder, Platform13, Elena Favilli, CEO, Rebel Girls, Emma Clark, Director of Multimedia, Business of Fashion, Jenny Gyllander, Founder & CEO, Thingtesting, Kirsty Hathaway, JOAN Europe, Aoife Byrne, Head of Online, RTÉ, Lauren Ogúndèkó, Chief Digital Officer (UK & IE), Initiative, Alex Hoffman, Video Lead, Arsenal Football Club, Lydia Pang, Founder, MORNING, Kemi Fatoba, Founder of DADDY, amongst others.

Reflecting the step change, advances and influence of Europe’s Internet culture, the Lovie Awards this year introduced new Beyond Categories to recognise outstanding European digital projects with the potential to positively impact global society. An open-format merit, Beyond Categories recognise big ideas shaping the future from Cities & Urbanism, Arts & Heritage, Education, Climate, Community and more. These inaugural finalists have set the benchmark for boundary-pushing, perspective-changing work, such as ‘AI-powered wildlife camera’ by Q42 in Technology, ‘ONE CITY Urban Data Hub’ by AKQA in Urbanism & Cities, ‘As if I already knew you…’ by Fabrique brands, design & interaction in Connectivity, ‘CRAFTED project’ by Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision and ‘Van Gogh – Reshaping the way researchers engage with art’ by DEPT® in Art, Design & Heritage and Early Majority in Business.  

The 2023 Lovie Awards Finalists collectively underscore Europe’s creativity, innovation, and commitment to addressing vital cultural, social, and technological issues. More than ever, key European cultural and societal themes were prominently reflected across this year’s finalists.

  • Sustainability is a transformative force shaping the future of pop culture and the cultural zeitgeist, seen in recognized work like eBay’s collaboration with Love Island by DEPT®, Channel 4’s ‘Second Hand Style-Up’ campaign for Vinted, and in Vaayu’s contemporary corporate identity, values and website.
  • Alternative modes of transport and future mobility as seen in several notable entries, including Kubikfoto GmbH’s ‘Bahn360 – Virtual learning experience’ for Deutsche Bahn AG, Virgin Galactic’s immersive website, ‘A rallying cry to use railways’ for Trainline and ‘La Pierre – Light the Way,’ all by DEPT®, collectively underscoring Europe’s dedication to redefining the future of mobility. 
  • An exploration of the global female experience was another pervasive theme—entries like the the ‘eye mama project’, ‘C4/Hollyoaks: The Long Walk Home VR Experience’ by Lime Pictures, #NotWomensFootball’ by C3 Creative Code and Content GmbH for Volkswagen, Iran Prison Project for Iranian Diaspora Collective by WongDoody, ‘’ by ACE, podcasts like ’28ish Days Later’ by Listen and ‘Up The Duff’ by The Positive Birth Company shared multiple perspectives on the global female experience.
  • Finalists proved that fashion is undergoing a profound shift – in real life, online, and in material production. H&M Move by Dazed Media and Google’s ‘Cube – Fashion Takes Shape’ by Media Monks redefined online fashion engagement, while ‘Not In Paris 5’ by Highsnobiety was a multifaceted, democratised, hybrid fashion IRL meets URL experience. 20/20 Helsinki and DEPT® created groundbreaking work for all-new sustainable textiles, respectively for adidas’ SPINNOVA® and material Evrnu®. The ‘Boys, Boys, Boys’ campaign for Both& by WongDoody paved the way for transmasculine, non-binary and gender non-conforming communities on the global retail scene.
  • Technology is revolutionising health education, information access, and overall well-being in Europe. ‘The Truth, Undressed’ by AnalogFolk creatively explored female health and wellness through brave branded content, while ‘Saved Memories’ by SERVICEPLAN / PLAN.NET GERMANY showcases technology’s role in driving social impact. ‘Diabetes Besties’ by Kubbco, ‘Medical VR Intubation Simulation’ by Lucid Reality Labs LLC , ‘Give A Hand’ by DEPT® and ‘Restart A Heart’ by Snapchat & IFRC delivers crucial education and information in an interactive manner. 
  • Finalists like Christie’s 3.0 by Christie’s, ‘Closer to Johannes Vermeer’ by Fabrique & Q42 and work for the London Design Festival by ON and ‘Demofestival’ by DEPT® demonstrated the evolving role of technology in preserving, promoting, and reshaping the future of art. 
  • The remarkable capacity of the internet to spread joy and optimism is evident within the roster of Finalists who brought tremendous humour included short film ‘The Binding of Itzik’ by Anika Benkov, ‘Amazon Prime LOL – The Flute’ by Gospooky, ‘Animals in Therapy’ by On the Edge, ‘KLM – Meet the Koffers’ by Kaliber, ‘Banshees: The Game’ by Cogs & Marvel, and ‘Sharp’s Solar Wave – ‘Chat IPA” by Eulogy

The organisations earning the highest number of Finalists this year include DEPT® (35), Al Jazeera (14), Channel 4 (9), AKQA (8), BBC (8), SERVICEPLAN / PLAN.NET GERMANY (8), Antinomy Studio (7),  Daniel J Edelman Ltd (7), Reply Digital Experience Srl (7), CNN (6), Fabrique brands, design & interaction (6) and Media.Monks B.V. (6).

For the sixth consecutive year, The Lovie Agency of the Year Award will be bestowed upon the European agency that performs best across all award categories. Leading the group of contenders is AKQA (8), Antinomy Studio (7), Daniel J Edelman Ltd (7), DEPT® (35), Fabrique brands, design & interaction (6), Media.Monks B.V. (6), Reply Digital Experience Srl (7) and SERVICEPLAN / PLAN.NET GERMANY (8). 

For the first time in The Lovie Awards thirteen year history, we will award a Special Achievement Award for ‘European Publisher of the Year’ to the European Publisher that performs best across all award categories. Leading the group of contenders is Al Jazeera (14), BBC (8), Channel 4 (9), CNN (6), Deutsche Welle (3), Financial Times (4) and Zibby Media (3).

Winners will be announced on the 9th November 2023, on the same day as a special winners celebration. Voting for The People’s Lovie Awards is open now until Thursday, 12 October at 11:59 pm GMT at


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The Lovie Awards is the largest pan-European Award recognising European Internet excellence in the fields of culture, technology and business. With over 1,200 entries from over 30 countries across Europe, the awards reflect the tremendous growth of the Internet as a tool for business and everyday lives. Work in English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish and Italian is judged by native speakers in eight main category types: Apps, Platforms & Software, Film & Video, Podcasts, Social, Marketing, Advertising & PR, Websites & Mobile Sites, Web3 & XR, and new in 2023, Beyond Categories. The Lovie Awards 2023 media partners include Advertising Week Europe, AUFI, Bureau for Visual Affairs, DADDY, District, Dutch Digital Design, Girls in FIlm, HIGHSNOBIETY, Les Glorieuses, OFFF Festival, RadioDays Europe, Tech Circus, Tortoise, Unbound and Vestpod

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Health & Well-Being (Beyond)

  • Dot Incorporation, ‘Dot Pad. The first smart tactile graphics display’ by SERVICEPLAN / PLAN.NET GERMANY
  • Snapchat & IFRC, ‘Restart A Heart’ by Gospooky


Web3 Single, Art, Culture, Music & Film (Web3 & XR)

  • Christie’s, Christie’s 3.0
  • Jägermeister x HAPE by Value of We GmbH


Websites & Mobile Sites General, Cultural Institutions (Websites & Mobile Sites)

  • London Design Biennale, London Design Festival, ON
  • ‘Van Gogh – Reshaping the way researchers engage with art’, DEPT®
  • Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, Wonder as a service, IN10
  • Land of Beauty, Vergani&Gasco Srl 


Campaigns, Best Digital Campaign (Marketing, Advertising & PR)

  • eBay x Love Island, DEPT®
  • The Ghosted, Jellyfish France


General Video, Comedy (Film & Video)

  • Meet the couple who fell in love while travelling, CNN Worldwide
  • Bluey Shorts (series 1), BBC Studios