Announcing New Categories for the 14th Annual Lovie Awards

New season, new opportunities to honour your work, with new categories for AI and two inaugural Special Achievement honours: Collaboration of the Year and Brand of the Year!


The Lovie Awards is back for our 14th season. A lot has changed since we first started—and since we launched a new brand and era for us last year. The Internet is ever-evolving and fluid, transformed by new digital mediums and new cultures of use.

With the launch of the 14th Annual Lovie Awards, we’re excited to introduce new categories and honours, embracing this remarkable time to be online. Read on to discover all the new ways you can honour your work on our global stage.

Brand New Special Achievement Honours

Every year, The Lovie Awards honours Europe’s most brilliant minds online with dedicated Special Achievement Awards celebrating their exceptional work. Creatives and teams that eclipse the competition with the season’s highest-performing work are recognised with distinction.

This year, creatives across Europe’s digital industries can compete for two brand-new inaugural honours: Collaboration of the Year and Brand of the Year. With collaborations that reach sectors at an all-time high and creatives elevating branded work with dynamic projects, we’re meeting this moment by introducing dedicated honours that recognise outstanding talent in these sectors.

  • New Categories

New Suite of Categories for AI, Web3 & XR

It’s everywhere. It’s been on everyone’s minds all year. From Mistral and Midjourney to ChatGPT, Aleph Alpha, DeepL and Helsing, AI is here—and it’s here to stay. Within just a year of its initial boom, we’ve already witnessed creatives industry-wide making interesting and fresh work with AI. With Web3 defining the next steps of the web as we know it and XR blending our physical world with the digital, these emerging technologies are already shaking the industry up.

We’re reflecting this transformative moment in our region by introducing dedicated categories recognising European excellence across AI, Web3 and XR, including:

Arts, Culture & Events
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Best Art Direction
Best Integrated Experience
Best Partnership
or Collaboration
Best User Experience
Technical Achievement
Best Visual Design in XR
Best Immersive Experience in XR
Best Use of AI & Machine Learning in Web3
Best Visual Design in Web3

Dive into our new categories for AI, Web3 & XR, and discover where your work can fit here.

New Honours for Big (and Small) Human-Centric Collabs in Beyond 

Responsibility in everything we do online is no longer just an option, but a prerequisite. User-friendly design, impactful digital initiatives, and reimagined conscious business structures are just some of the ways Europe is leading in building a human-centric Internet.

In honour of this renaissance, last year, we introduced an all-new suite of Beyond categories to recognise outstanding European digital projects with the potential to positively impact global society. Type or format of submissions are not restricted; whether it’s an app, website, campaign, podcast, business initiative or something else entirely, it will be eligible as long as it meets our judging criteria.

This year, we’re introducing Partnership or Collaboration to the areas that we recognise. Beyond honours include:

Art, Culture & Heritage
Business & Enterprise
Climate & Sustainability
Health & Well-Being
Partnership or Collaboration *NEW!
Urbanism & Cities

Explore more of our impact-focused Beyond honours and how your work can be eligible here.

New Honours for Podcast and Outstanding Audio

Despite reports on 2023 being a slow year for podcasts, great, entertaining and insightful series have popped up all over Europe in the past year: “How We’re Wired,” “Styx,” “Behind the Money,” and “De Verdwenen SS’er,” to name a few. The breadth of topics covered in audio is expanding like never before. From pop culture to mysteries, how-tos, lifestyle advice and deep dives into sports—not to mention the dynamic podcasts popping up all over to cover the 2024 Summer Olympics—innovation in the audio space showing no signs of slowing down.

We’re introducing new categories to honour the full scope of excellence in podcasts. New honours include:

Best Indie Podcast
Best Interview or Talk Show
Best Use of AI
Travel & Tourism

Learn more about our new Podcast categories and find out where your work might fit here.

New Categories Honouring Work Made for Social

Social media is more ever-present than ever before. New platforms are sprouting: Threads, BeReal, Lapse and Partiful. Others, namely Pinterest, are experiencing a revival. Some are even pushing for less social media, and more authenticity, connection and community (think: the viral anti social campaign, ‘Less Social Media, More Snapchat‘).

As it grows more essential in our day-to-day lives and its use more nuanced, it’s cultivating a highly creative and inspiring environment. The work is unique, of a high calibre, and fresh. To echo this, we’re introducing new honours to recognise the full scope of social media. New categories include:

Best Use of AI & Machine Learning
Best Partnership or Collaboration
Best Influencer or Creator Partnership
Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle
Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle
Entertainment, TV & Film

Arts, Culture & Lifestyle

Explore our new honours for Social and find out where your work can fit here.

More New Honours in Marketing, Advertising & PR and Apps, Platforms & Software

2024 is a highly dynamic time on the European Internet—everything from evolutions in AI and XR to the Summer Olympics coming to Paris is inspiring an exciting wave of creativity. In honour of this moment, we’re expanding the range of digital we recognise at the 14th Annual Lovie Awards.

We’re introducing new categories across Marketing, Advertising & PR and Apps, Platforms & Software! New honours include:

Sports & Entertainment and TV & Movie in Marketing, Advertising & PR
Travel & Tourism in Branded Entertainment
Retail & E-Commerce and Fashion & Beauty in Apps, Platforms & Software

Explore our new honours for Marketing, Advertising & PR and Apps, Platforms & Software, and find out where your work can fit here.

Expanded Recognition for Film & Video

A mix of the explosion of short-form video content on social, streaming, and short films from indie creators is moving the needle toward multimedia. The end of the historic SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes across the U.S. have reverberated globally, irreversibly shifting the film industry’s work culture. In this fluid moment, European creatives are surely bouncing back and beginning to produce unique and newfangled projects with keenly developed voices.

We’re honouring this revival by expanding the work we recognise in Film & Video. New categories include:

Best Interview or Talk Show
– Best Use of AI
Short Form
Long Form
Family & Kids
Architecture, Interiors & Home

Explore our new categories for Film & Video and find out where your work will fit here.


Submissions for The 14th Annual Lovie Awards is Officially Open!

With new judges, new events and new ways to celebrate European digital excellence, it’s set to be our biggest year yet.

Work is accepted across AI, XR & Web3 (*NEW!), Apps, Platforms & Software, Film & Video, Podcasts, Marketing, Advertising & PR, Social, Websites & Mobile Sites, and Beyond!

Enter before our Final Entry Deadline on Friday, 28 June at!