Beyond Categories: New honours for digital projects with the power to impact global society

Europe is leading the charge in building a human-centred Internet. Reflecting the step change shaping the digital industry, we have introduced a suite of Lovie Beyond categories. An open-format merit, Beyond categories are dedicated to recognising outstanding European digital projects with the potential to positively impact global society.

There are no restrictions on the type or format of submissions. Whether the project is a website, app, initiative, social media campaign, podcast, or something else entirely, if it meets our judging criteria, it’s eligible for consideration.

Learn more about these honours below, including a new recognition for conscious Partnerships or Collaborations! Submit your projects, prototypes, and ideas that can positively impact the world, enter the 14th Annual Lovie Awards.

Beyond Categories Judging Criteria:

To fairly measure the potential impact of entered ideas and projects, we have worked with our Academy to introduce judging criteria for the Beyond categories. Judges will be evaluating on the following criteria:

– Experimental Innovation: How innovative and experimental is the project, and to what extent does it challenge conventional thinking or push boundaries in its field?

– Collaboration: To what extent does the project encourage collaboration and sharing among its participants, or promote the use and development of open source technologies and tools?

– Universal Good: How does the project contribute to the common good and promote public welfare, and how does it address pressing universal social and environmental challenges?

Breaking Down New Beyond Categories

Internet culture in Europe is experiencing a renaissance, with innovation in various sectors incorporating human-centricity. In honour of a collective shift, Beyond categories recognise efforts to use big (and small) ideas to positively impact the following areas:

– Art & Heritage: Efforts to reverse cultural loss by preserving heritage, languages and/or art

– Urbanism & Cities: Novel approaches to better and Smart city living

– Connectivity: Efforts to educate and empower through connectivity

– Education: New approaches to education through connectivity or innovation

– Community: Efforts to facilitate community building and foster a sense of connectedness towards the greater good

– Health & Well-Being: Use or application of technologies to radically improve global health and well-being outcomes

Partnership or Collaboration: Cross-sector partnerships and collaborations initiated to address a shared challenge for the common good (*new this year!).

– Climate & Sustainability: Use or application of technology to radically impact climate and environment outcomes

– Business: Progressive business models and solutions that prioritise societal and individual well-being

– Technology: A technological innovation, product or solution designed with the potential to address a global problem or human-centred cause

See all Beyond categories here.

The Lovie Awards recognises work across AI, XR & Web3 (*new this year!), Apps, Platforms & Software, Film & Video, Podcasts, Marketing, Advertising & PR, Social, Websites & Mobile Sites, and Beyond.