Introducing New Categories for The Lovie Awards

We’re kicking off the 13th Annual Lovie Awards with new honours for Responsible Technology, Web3 & XR, dApps, Social Excellence and–new this year, a new suite of Beyond categories!

There has never been a more exciting time for the Internet. With the launch of the 13th Annual Lovie Awards, we’re excited to introduce new dedicated categories and honours embracing digital’s ever-evolving and dynamic nature.

Explore our new categories and honours below and make your work stand out in your industry and shape the future of the European Internet.

Responsible Technology across Websites & Mobile Sites

In recent years, tech and digital media have gravitated towards human-centricity and inclusivity. Building accessible and inclusive digital has become the rule, not the exception. In honour of this move towards creating Internet for good, we’re introducing a dedicated line-up of categories embracing Responsible Technology in Websites & Mobile Sites, including:

– Accessible Technology
– Responsible Information
– Responsible Innovation

Explore our new categories for Responsible Technology and learn more about their scope here.

Email Newsletter Excellence

While the Internet is evolving, it’s retaining some traditional mediums and redefining them completely. With so many content creators using platforms like Substack and Medium to refresh the feel of email newsletters, we’ve created dedicated categories to celebrate this revival. New honours include:

– Art, Design, Culture & Entertainment
– Business, News & Technology
– Health, Wellness & Lifestyle

Explore our new categories for Email Newsletters in Websites & Mobile Sites and learn more about their scope here.

Marketing, Advertising & PR

As the world around us has changed dramatically, the way we communicate online has also transformed. Creative work on the Internet has kept up with this shift and continues to push the boundaries of digital communication with each new project. To recognise this huge charge, we’re introducing new honours, including:

– Best Partnership or Collaboration
– Best Use of Augmented Reality
– Best Use of Web3
– Best Use of AI Machine Learning
– Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
– Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle
– Mobility & Auto
– Product Launch or Drop

Explore our new Marketing, Advertising & PR categories and learn more about their scope here.

Apps, Platforms & Software

The role of apps and digital platforms in our lives is steadily growing. We’ve noticed emerging tech increasingly being integrated into developing digital platforms to embody new iterations and functions that we might’ve thought impossible. In honour of this new era, we’re introducing honours, including:

– Best Use of AI or Machine Learning
– Art & Culture
– Shopping & E-Commerce
– Work & Productivity

Explore our new categories for Apps, Platforms & Software and learn more about their scope here.

Web3 & XR

This season, we’re recognising work in emerging tech in new ways. We’re expanding our categories in Web3 & XR to match the decentralised future of the Internet. From immersive metaverse experiences to expansive blockchain networks, these new channels are pushing the margins of digital. To commemorate this, we’ve introduced new honours, including:

– Best Metaverse UX
– Best Decentralised App
– Best Use of Technology
– Best Partnership or Collaboration

Explore our new categories for Web3 & XR and learn more about their scope here.

Social Excellence

Social media has grown massively in recent years. Authenticity and niche content have become the focal point. New platforms have multiplied the channels of communication. New features and tools have allowed creators to cultivate an audience of their own thoughtfully. We’re broadening the way we recognise work on social media with our two new honours:

– Best Creator
– Best Community or Fan Engagement

Explore our new categories for Social and learn more about their scope here.


As the number of podcasts skyrockets along with listenership, we’re excited to introduce three new craft honours to recognise excellence in the medium. The scope of topics covered has also grown, showcasing the broad applicability of podcasts. To match the momentum, we’ve introduced three new categories for podcasts, including:

– Best Guest
– Best Original Score/Music or Sound Design
– Best Writing

Explore our new categories for Podcasts and learn more about their scope here.

Film & Video

There has never been more innovation in films and video projects on the internet. Filmmakers and creators are pushing the bounds of creating moving images for digital platforms, showcasing a deep focus on their craft. To celebrate digital excellence in Film & Video, we’re expanding our Branded Entertainment and General Video categories with new honours, including:

– Best Virtual or Interactive Experience
– Best Writing
– Sustainability & Environment honours
– Culture, Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle
– Experimental & Weird
– Health & Wellness

Explore our new categories for Film & Video and learn more about their scope here.


The 13th Annual Lovie Awards is officially here! Get to know our new judges here and have your work reviewed by industry experts and join Europe’s digital vanguard.

The Lovie Awards recognises work across Apps, Platforms & Software, Film & Video, Podcasts, Social, Marketing, Advertising & PR, Websites & Mobile Sites and Web3 & Metaverse. This year, we are also thrilled to introduce the Lovie Beyond categories, to recognise outstanding European digital projects with the potential to positively impact global society.