Lovie Partner Profile: NFT Evening

NFTevening was founded in 2021 with the goal of becoming the go-to platform for beginners wanting to learn more about NFTs and Web3. In the year since it was founded, it has become the largest NFT news outlet in the world with an impressive list of partnerships and a rapidly growing community of Web3 enthusiasts.

With the 12th Annual Lovie Awards now recognising and honouring Web3, NFTs and the metaverse, we wanted to sit down with our new partner NFTevening to discuss how they are approaching and influencing these new digital technologies.

Read out interview with NFTevening Founder Théo Sastre-Garau below:

Thèo Sastre Garu
Thèo Sastre Garu

Lovies: Hello Théo! Thank you so much for chatting with us. To start, please tell us a little bit about NFTevening.

Théo: Our readers have a wide breadth of interests which is reflected in the content we create. In addition to the news, NFTevening covers artists, film-makers, Web3 games, collectibles, music, security best practices, market conditions, tutorials, all with the objective to become a key resource for our eclectic readership.


Lovies: What makes NFTevening different from other NFT news platforms?

Théo: As opposed to other leading NFT news sites (that exclusively cover the larger NFT projects), one of our primary differentiators is that we try to stay as inclusive as possible, which means giving a voice to smaller projects in the community. As a result, NFTevening is the first leading media company to provide an NFT event calendar which shines a light on smaller NFT projects with fantastic communities, and you will see in our daily news that we cover a fair number of smaller projects.


Lovies: What was the impetus for creating NFT Evening?

Théo: When I discovered NFTs in early 2020, I thought it was fascinating and quickly decided I wanted to learn more. At the time, there were barely any resources for beginners and the only way to access information was from Discord and Twitter. I’ve never gotten used to discord and find it overwhelming: You need to subscribe to several channels and most of the discussions are just noise or spam. I didn’t know where to go or who to trust and that’s when we decided to create our own website and become the go-to platform for beginners that want to learn more about NFTs. I truly believe we should have more centralization in this decentralized space to onboard new people. Both my business partner and I come from the media industry and own several media outlets so it was quite easy for us to simply launch this new project.

Lovies: What responsibilities do you feel you have as the leading NFT-focused website?

Théo: Our first mission is to demystify a complex topic by creating entertaining and accessible content. Since we’re trying to focus on beginners, I feel we have a responsibility to educate them about NFT security. We want them to start their journey safely and avoid scams, which would ultimately make them leave the space forever. That’s why we recently partnered with Ledger, the biggest hardware wallet company providing one of the easiest ways to secure cryptos / NFT assets. We’ll be co-creating content around NFT security with them in order to provide resources around NFT storage and security directly through our Homepage.


Lovies: NFTs and Crypto have been controversial since their inception, what resources do you use to stay informed and make sure you’re promoting unbiased information?

Théo: We simply source our own news & stories, using different in-house processes and tools, as well as social media like Twitter where everything is happening. We’re a self-funded company, allowing us to keep complete freedom of speech and the company doesn’t own any NFTs. We do promote some NFT collections via sponsored posts, but there is always a disclaimer, making sure our audience is aware of it.


What are your future plans for NFT Evening to develop it into even more of a resource on all things crypto and NFT-related?

Théo: We recently launched our Youtube channel so people who prefer to learn with videos through this platform can access great content. Similarly, we’re trying to record all of our journalist’s interviews / Twitter space gatherings and make the audio accessible for people who want to learn while doing something else.


Lovies: We launched a whole new slew of categories in the 12th Annual Lovie Awards focused on Web3, NFTs & Crypto. What exciting projects do you look forward to hopefully seeing come out this year?

Théo: I would personally love to see some Blockchain games. I think the gaming industry is one of the biggest applications of the NFT technology and we’re only scratching the surface at the moment. Being a fan of trading card games, Cross the ages is one of my favorite.


Lovies: Lastly, we so appreciate your partnership with the Lovie Awards. What do you hope to achieve with your partners this year?

Théo: We see the value of partnerships and are an official partner to some of the biggest NFT brands (Ledger, NFTgo) and events (NFT.Paris, Non-Fungible conference, Veecon, The Lovie Awards) in the world. The goal of our partnerships is to provide unparalled value to our readers: NFTGo (one of the world’s leading NFT analytics platforms) helps us to deliver daily insights about the market. Ledger (the world’s leading hardware wallet provider) help us to create security contnt (coming very soon) so that we can educate our readers on the importance of staying safe in Web3.



Don’t forget to enter your Web3, NFT and metaverse related work in the 12th Annual Lovie Awards! The Extended Entry Deadline is Friday, 5th August. Submit your work here.