Meet the Inaugural Beyond Winners of the 13th Annual Lovie Awards

These teams are building a better, more human-centric future with big (and small) ideas—from the first AI-powered wildlife camera to the first handheld device to digitise braille.

We are thrilled to introduce the inaugural winners of the brand-new, open-format Beyond categories. These honours celebrate initiatives from Europe that have the power to positively impact the globe.

The inaugural winners of the Beyond category in the 13th Annual Lovie Awards represent Europe’s brilliant and remarkable solutions to address inequity, habitat and wildlife loss, accessibility, overproduction, and beyond. These teams are moulding a better digital future with inventive, fresh and innovative ideas.

Discover our outstanding class of changemakers below and view all of the Winners of the 13th Annual Lovie Awards in our all-new Winners Gallery!

  • Beyond: Connectivity

The Wild Escape by PRELOADED

As we continue to see devastating biodiversity loss across the globe, immersive game studio PRELOADED invites kids to learn and practice conservation with The Wild Escape. It’s an interactive program bringing together museums and schools to empower children to see the power of collective action—earning the project a Bronze Lovie.


As if I Already Knew You… by Fabrique (Brands, Design & Interaction)

How can VR bridge gaps that cause conflict? The project As if I already knew you…, from digital design agency Fabrique is a newfangled solution: putting groups in conflict in each others’ shoes. The initiative mitigates tension by showing you the world through another’s eyes. Fabrique was honoured with a Silver Lovie Award for pioneering technology’s use in conflict resolution.


mObywatel by Centralny Ośrodek Informatyki

mObywatel is a complete digital toolkit that users in Poland can use to easily access IDs, vehicle history, public transit schedules, air quality reports, and local environmental alerts. An all–in–one app, it’s the digital wallet making the everyday simple and hassle-free. The project was recognised with a Bronze and a People’s Lovie Award for opening access for millions nationwide.


  • Beyond: Technology

Dispelix - The Unseen Simplicity by 20/20 Helsinki

Embracing a mixed reality future, 20/20 Helsinki crafted new creative, narratives and visuals for Dispelix’s line of XR glasses. It contains a digital interface seamlessly integrated with the wearer’s field of vision, all within the lenses. The chic, minimal and meditative campaign was honoured with a Silver Lovie.


AI-Powered Wildlife Camera by Q42

Q42’s venture, Hack The Planet, built the world’s first-ever AI-powered wildlife camera to detect animal species and people in natural sanctuaries. Rangers get real-time alerts when poachers are posing a threat to local fauna or when wildlife is posing a threat to people. The project earned a Silver and People’s Lovie Award for its inventive approach to protecting wildlife.

  • Beyond: Urbanism & Cities

ONE CITY Urban Data Hub by AKQA SRL

The platform ONE CITY by AKQA is a software that gives every public administrator the data to make holistic decisions. The monitoring software collects essential information, from air quality to risk zones for crime, to help city leaders build safer and more sustainable communities. The initiative’s impact on the development of local communities earned it a Bronze and People’s Lovie Award.

The Sandcastle Economy: How to Recycle a Building by Nature

Sand is an excellent resource in construction. The catch? It’s almost impossible to reuse once it’s used in buildings and homes. Nature welcomed three sculpturists to workshop ways we can create a circular model in their short documentary The Sandcastle Economy: How to Recycle a Building. The video unpacks the changes we must make to ensure we don’t run out—earning their team a Bronze Lovie.

  • Beyond: Business

B Corp Choose Better by &why

Our individual choices, while small in scale, carry impact collectively. Digital studio &why’s experience B Corp Choose Better is a journey through the harm that everyday items can have on the world. It walks through a virtual city, stopping to share resources on B Corp-certified alternatives that anyone can swap out with their staples. The eye-opening project was honoured with a Bronze and People’s Lovie Award.

Early Majority

From a radical membership model that curbs overproduction, Early Majority is an early pioneer of a business model that holds sustainability at its core—producing to meet members’ demand, not reach a surplus. Early Majority’s circular model keeps their garments in their customers’ rotation and away from landfills. They source ethically and produce with longevity and functionality in mind. Their transformative model earned a Silver Lovie Award.


NUTS is an editorial and visual exploration of the meaning behind the clothes we wear. It’s a magazine zooming in on everyday fashion and the personal style driving it. Their radical transparency model turns traditional magazine structures on their head—all financial details, from production to labour costs, are shared with all collaborators. NUTS was honoured with a Gold Lovie Award for reimagining the way we discuss and spotlight style.


  • Beyond: Health & Well-Being


How can we expand braille and tactile language into digital? Dot Pad is the first smart tactile graphics display designed to assist individuals with visual impairments. The technology translates visual content into tactile graphics in a handheld device. The project received a Gold and People’s Lovie Award for expanding the information visually impaired folks can access through touch.

Restart A Heart by GoSpooky

Seven out of ten cardiac arrests happen in front of bystanders—but only 20% of people provide first aid. GoSpooky developed a Snapchat AR lens demonstrating the correct way to perform CPR through a true-to-life example. With a step-by-step guide and interactive quizzes that test your knowledge, it shows users the steps they need to take to restart a heart. The informative resource was honoured with a Silver Lovie.

  • Beyond: Climate & Sustainability

A Rallying Cry to Use Railways by DEPT®

Trainline, Europe’s top app for booking trains, collaborated with DEPT® to launch “I Came by Train,” a social campaign inspiring people to opt for trains when travelling. The campaign recruited popular trainspotter Francis Bourgeois and British singer-songwriter Craig David to walk audiences through the importance of making greener choices. The project was honoured with a Silver and People’s Lovie Award for educating audiences online.


Helping retailers understand their carbon footprint in real time, Vaayu developed software that uses machine learning to automate and analyse carbon output for businesses. It even provides suggestions on actionable steps they can take to reduce their impact. Their work in helping enterprises be more sustainable earned a Bronze Lovie.

  • Beyond: Art, Design & Heritage

Van Gogh - Reshaping the Way Researchers Engage with Art by DEPT®

From years of research on 200 of Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings and 500 of his drawings, DEPT® built the experience, The Van Gogh Collection Catalogue. A series of eight collections, the catalogue is an archive of his life’s work for researchers and art historians to access easily. The project revolutionises how scholars engage with artworks in their study, earning it a Silver Lovie Award.

The CRAFTED Project by the Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision

The Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision celebrates Dutch artisans’ rich history and craftsmanship in The CRAFTED Project. The digital archive contains an extensive collection of audio-visual works documenting Dutch heritage. Through photo and video collections, it offers a captivating journey into their creative processes, earning it a Bronze and People’s Lovie Award.

  • Beyond: Community

Dazed Club by Dazed Studio

Dazed Club is a community helping young professionals jumpstart creative careers. Through events, networking opportunities, and open calls, it’s a program giving young creatives the tools to succeed in the digital industry. For shaping the next generation of digital leaders, Dazed Club was honoured with a Silver and People’s Lovie Award.


The leading career platform for women and non-binary people in creative fields, I LIKE NETWORKING, is opening up gatekept industries. The program includes mentorship, networking workshops, and other resources to elevate the career opportunities of those historically discriminated against. Their work leading many emerging professionals to get their foot in the door earned a Silver Lovie Award.

  • Beyond: Education

HelpMaya by Q42

HelpMaya is an innovative interactive story unfolding within WhatsApp. When you text Maya, she immerses you in her world for 5-days. In a unique approach, the story delves into challenging topics like knife violence, inclusivity, bullying, and prejudice, all within a text thread. Maya opens a window into her life, illustrating how small choices can carry a significant impact.

The Ms Rose Adaptive Maths Tutorial® by A-dapt International Ltd

The Adaptive Media Maths Tutor is designed to cater to individual learning paces. The innovative video format allows students to interact with math tutorials, guiding them along the right learning path for their context. The software uses AI technology to watch for factors that impact learning, like attention levels and math-related anxiety. The project was honoured with a Bronze Lovie Award.