Everything You Need to Know About the Lovie ‘In Collaboration’ Report

Our first-of-its-kind crowdsourced study unpacks what it takes to collaborate in 2024—with insights gathered from Europe’s brightest in digital

We’ve noticed a surge in creative collaboration across Europe. There’s an exciting synergy across our industry, with a rise in partnerships that span cultures, brands, sectors, and technologies.

Inspired by this, we’ve embarked on our first-ever listening tour across Europe to crowdsource insights for our upcoming ‘In Collaboration’ Report, set to release Tuesday, 9th July!

A collaborative study, we’re bringing together the top digital minds in Europe to gather their takes on what makes great collaborations tick, through ‘In Collaboration With’—our rich event programme of online surveys, in-person workshops, and LinkedIn Live sessions.

Here’s a recap of our conversations so far, with a few more details on the release of our community-led trend report.

Save the Date for ‘In Collaboration With’—Live on LinkedIn

Every week, Lovie Awards Managing Director Jacqueline Kavanagh meets with key creative leaders for LinkedIn Live panels to dive into their work and draw learnings for our report.

For a peek into the report, catch up on our latest episodes, featuring:

Dann Liebermann, Head of Creative Partnerships at The Elements Music
Bree McKenney, Global SVP of Condé Nast Commercial Creative
Lea Karam, Consulting Director at Behave
Tim Weers and Daan Klaver, Founders of Build in Amsterdam
Katrina Encanto, Executive Creative Director
Pär Heyden, Head of Brand/Creative Director at Polestar
Alex Bec, Co-Founder and CEO of It’s Nice That
Janvier Wete, Co-Founder of Minute Shorts
Mazdak Sanii, CEO and Co-Founder of Avant Arte
Romano Casellini, Founder of ROCANI and Érada Svetlana, Founder of Erada Agency
Kristy Hathaway, ECD at JOAN
Jeff Bowerman, ECD at DEPT®
Liam Tjoa, CEO of Gospooky
Daisy Alioto, CEO of Dirt Media
Nina Kong, Head of Strategy at Highsnobiety
Tudinh Duong, CEO of ON
Seb Emina, Writer, Autor and Co-Creator of WePresent’s Wild Memory Radio

IRL ‘In Collaboration With’ Workshops

Not only have we convened Europe’s best virtually, but also through in-person workshops in London, Amsterdam, and at Snap Forward 2024! The workshops follow a structure similar to the live panels, with a guided questionnaire to foster dialogue and record participant responses.

'In Collaboration With' Breakfast at Protein Studios in London
‘In Collaboration With' Breakfast at Carmen in Amsterdam
Lovie MD Jacqueline Kavanagh presents at Snap Forward 2024

Stay Tuned for the ‘In Collaboration Report’

We’re blown away by the enthusiastic and insightful response from our community. With so many unique perspectives shared, we can’t wait to unveil the ideas driving innovation across Europe.

Releasing Tuesday, 9 July, the ‘In Collaboration Report’ is teeming with learnings collected from Europe’s most creative businesses. A cooperative effort from our global community, everyone involved will be featured and tagged as a contributor in the report.

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Working on a Collaboration? It Belongs on the Lovie Stage.

As the 14th Annual Lovie Awards is a celebration of creative partnerships, we’re introducing a brand new Special Achievement honor: Collaboration of the Year! Plus, with new categories for Best Partnership or Collaboration across our media types, there’s never been a better time to spotlight your work on our global stage.

The Lovie Awards accepts work across AI, XR & Web3 (*new this year!), Apps, Platforms & Software, Film & Video, Podcasts, Marketing, Advertising & PR, Social, Websites & Mobile Sites, and Beyond.

Submit your work before the Extended Entry Deadline on Friday, 2nd August at lovieawards.com/enter!