Granyon Brings To Life French Artist’s Vibrant Illustrations

When French artist Aurélia Durand was looking for an agency to redo her website, she knew to reach out to Copenhagen-based digital-first Design Agency Granyon. Using her colourful and screen ready art, Granyon was able to design and develop a website that spoke to and reflected Durand’s distinctive style.

We spoke with Granyon’s CEO Mikkel Noe Westh about crafting this visually stunning and easily navigated website that won the Gold Lovie Award and People’s Lovie for Best Homepage.

"Our task was not to take a stand on diversity, but to give Aurélia's work and story a platform that supports her personality and art" - Granyon

  • What inspired you to assist Aurélia Durand in designing a website for her work?

    Aurélia contacted us because she had seen our work for the artist duo Hvass & Hannibal. We already knew about her work and quickly realised that this would become an exciting challenge, where our main task was to create a platform for all her cool artwork.

  • What about her work resonated with the Granyon team?

    In many ways, Aurélia’s work is created for digital platforms, social media, and web. The clear colours, the large simple surfaces, and the gif-like animations were all elements that would do well on a website. Aurélia had also drawn her own font, which we ended up implementing on the website. To us, it was all about letting her distinctive features shine through.

  • The vibrant use of colour in Aurélia’s website, and its animation, immediately stand out as charming, inviting and bright. What was the thought process behind colour and movement choices?

    Our main goal was to stay as true to Aurélia’s universe, tone, and style as possible. By using as many elements and effects as possible from her artwork, the web design quickly moved towards the same amount of energy and positivity. The effects and interactions on the website are based on her GIF-like style. We turned down the Scandinavian “less is more” approach and instead went for a playful look with splashes of colours, effects, and fun and quirky ideas.

  • Aurelia’s work has been described as “a vivid celebration of diversity” How did you tailor the digital experience you created for her work to evoke the feeling of her work?

    We based the solution on her artwork and also wrote the core story that appears on the About page. Our task was not to take a stand on diversity but to give Aurélia’s work and story a platform that supports her personality and art. Throughout the whole process, we used the method we always use, which is understanding both the messenger and the target group to capture the essence of the brand and story.

  • The design system you implemented uses splashes of colour and layering that evokes a similar feeling of playfulness that is present in Aurélia’s wok. Why was this the perfect approach to showcase her POV as an artist and give visitors a great experience?

    We wanted to create an extra dimension to her work. Going into Aurélia’s website, it should feel a bit like going to Disneyland or Legoland. We wanted people to experience stepping into a universe where you can move through the artwork and enter into a virtual dialogue with Aurélia and her many fun, illustrative personalities. By using everything from small details to more significant elements from Aurélia’s universe, the website became a tribute to her work, the joy of life, and storytelling.

  • What does winning a Lovie Award mean to you?

    As an agency, it’s crucial that your work gain visibility and that the team that has worked hard to create a unique solution gets recognition from the best in the industry.

  • A Lovie is one of the biggest recognitions you can get as a web design agency. It’s an honour to receive as a design team and a recognition we have shared with Aurélia. Winning a Lovie Awards means a lot to us and fills us with motivation and a desire to continue to do the work we love the most – connecting brands and their target groups by designing great experiences.

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