The 2023 Finalists for the Inaugural Lovie Beyond Categories

Lovie Beyond Finalists are sharing big (and small) ideas with the potential to impact global society.

To honour the step change shaping Europe’s digital industry, to build a human-centred Internet, the 13th Annual Lovie Awards introduced a suite of Lovie Beyond categories. An open-format merit, these new honours recognise outstanding European digital projects with the potential to positively impact global society. The 2023 Lovie Finalists have been revealed; this year’s cohort represents the full breadth of digital innovation and purpose that shapes Europe’s creative hubs.

Whether it’s shifting how we interact with classic artworks or democratising CPR training, the inaugural class of Finalists are sharing big ideas that are shaping the world. Learn more about the 2023 Lovie Finalists across each of our Beyond categories, and vote for your favourite projects in the Lovie People’s Voice Awards through Thursday, 12 October.

  • Beyond: Art, Design & Heritage

Van Gogh - Reshaping the way researchers engage with art by DEPT®

DEPT® wanted to shift the way art historians and researchers engage with classic artworks–starting with Vincent van Gogh’s collection. They launched The Van Gogh Collection Catalogue to give researchers a new, digital way to view more than 200 paintings and 500 drawings in his body of work.

The collaboration marked the first in a series, with the intention to democratise art history for the masses through digital environments. Vote for it here!

CRAFTED Project by Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision

Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision is home to a large body of audio-visual works documenting Dutch heritage. To pay homage to Dutch artisans’ rich history and craftsmanship, they launched the Crafted Project. The digital archive contains photo and video collections of makers across fashion, cinema, design and more. To enhance the opportunity for learning, the Crafted Project can be downloaded as an educational manual for teachers. Vote for it here!

  • Beyond: Business

B Corp Choose Better by &why

Jointly developed by B Lab Europe and German-based agency &why, the Choose Better game lets players track the impact of their business decisions. From the human rights issues behind their coffee order to their grocery store of choice, Choose Better also outlines the benefits of becoming B corp certified. Vote for it here!

Early Majority

Early Majority operates at the intersection of circular fashion, art and activism. The outdoor apparel brand uses a membership model to reduce the material waste of their company, while supplying consumers with quality products. Through their interactive website also connects members with inspiring content, related to philosophy, reading lists and more. Vote for them here!


Produced by FOOD, a London-based digital creative studio, NUTS pulls the fashion industry relationship to money and notoriety into focus. The experimental, digital and print zine interrogates fashion imagery and self expression, without coming to a set conclusion for readers. Vote for it here!

  • Beyond: Climate & Sustainability

Vaayu by Vaayu Tech GmbH

The retail industry is responsible for about 25% of all global emissions. The brainchild of Namrata Sandhu, Vaayu Tech is a real-time, carbon emissions calculator to help retailers make actionable reductions. Eliminating the guesswork, Vaayu inputs companies’ proprietary information to track carbon data for every transaction—from product development to delivery. Vote for it here!

A Rallying Cry to Use Railways by DEPT®

Trainline is Europe’s leading app for booking coach trains. Together with DEPT® they launched a campaign, “I Came By Train,” to inspire others to choose the environmentally conscious mode of transportation. The work featured a single produced by British singer-songwriter Craig David, as well as a video with popular trainspotter, Francis Bourgeois. Vote for it here!

  • Beyond: Community

Dazed Club by Dazed Media

Dazed Club is on a mission to help young creatives in the UK and Europe kickstart their careers. It is fostering a community filled with the next generation of taste makers, while connecting them to festivals, galleries, parties and even magazine archives. Moreover, the club connects members to upcoming opportunities to have their work noticed. Vote for it here!


Gone are the days of corporate gatekeeping. Founded in the UK, I LIKE NETWORKING is a global career platform for women and non-binary people in the creative industries. It connects members with seminars, a guide to networking, tips on writing cover letters, navigating taxes as freelance professionals and more. Vote for it here!

  • Beyond: Connectivity

As If I Already Knew You… by Fabrique Brands, Design & Interaction

From digital design agency Fabrique, comes a VR experiment to design empathy, “As If I Already Knew You.” By examining rising tensions between two groups, the project used VR recordings of participants in the Dutch town of Eindhoven, to spark understanding between one another. They hope to turn this experiment into a long-term project to find new means of mitigating tension. Vote for it here!

mObywatel by Centralny Ośrodek Informatyki

The mObywatel app is turning Polish cities into Smart Cities through its all-in-one digital assistant. It serves as users’ main form of identification to use in government institutions, allows users to check the safety of public transportation, monitors the local air quality, lets citizens report environmental incidents and more. This move to all digital public services hopes to spark a global movement towards a more connected future. Vote for it here!

  • Beyond: Health & Wellbeing

Restart A Heart by Gospooky

Seven out of 10 cardiac arrests take place in front of bystanders, who often fail to provide first aid. To combat this, Gospooky, a social technology agency, launched an AR experience democratising CPR training to the masses. Using the Snapchat AR lens, the experience walks users through the steps needed to respond to an emergency and restart a heart. Vote for it here!


Dot Pad has created smart tactile graphics display for the visually impaired. Tactile books are scarce and expensive to find—Dot Pad’s technology can turn any visual content from sources into a tactile graphic using AI. A huge step forward, this achievement makes any image immediately touchable for the visually impaired, widening the spectrum of information they are able to receive. Vote for it here!

  • Beyond: Technology

AI-powered Wildlife Camera by Q42

Dutch agency Q42 is using engineering power to better society through Hack the Planet, their tech for good venture. They created an AI-powered wildlife camera, with the ability to detect endangered animal species and send real-time alerts to park rangers. To prevent poachers and animal conflicts for food resources, the camera has made it possible to communicate this data even in remote locations. Vote for it here!

Dispelix - The Unseen Simplicity by 20/20 Helsinki

Dispelix imagines a world where smart technology is nearly invisible, rather than cumbersome. The end result looks like Extended Reality glasses in the form of waveguide technology that look, and feel, like ordinary glasses. Finnish agency 20/20 Helsinki partnered with the brand to develop the marketing strategy, visual assets, website and film for the technology. Vote for it here!

This year’s class of Lovie Beyond Finalists is a testament to the potential for European innovation to solve global issues; we are so proud to honor them. View the full list of 2023 Lovie Award Finalists, and vote for your favourite projects in the People’s Lovie Awards! Voting is open from Tuesday, 26 September through Thursday, 12 October at