This campaign is a call to action to bring attention to the global state of biodiversity and animal rights.
Describe your Lovie Finalist project. What’s the elevator pitch?

"For the first time in Lacoste’s history we initiated a radical change of one of the most iconic logos in the world: the crocodile.

We used the iconic Lacoste polo as inspiration and created 10 extremely limited-edition polo shirts where the crocodile leaves its historic spot to 10 threatened species. For each species, the number of polo shirts produced corresponds to the number of animals known to remain in the wild. A total of 1,775 polo shirts were launched during the Paris Fashion week."

What inspired this particular cause as the subject of your work?

"This campaign is a call to action to bring attention to the global state of biodiversity and animal rights.

We wanted to raise awareness for the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) which is a major organization but not very well known."

What real-world impact were you hoping to make with this project?

"Each polo purchased helped to preserve these threatened species by supporting IUCN’s Save our Species programme. The IUCN is working with its experts to decide which conservation programme(s) should receive the money raised with the first year of the collaboration. But from the beginning, we had decided this would be at least a three-year-partnership: a collaboration to build in the long term in order to ensure true support for endangered species."

Did your team have a specific “breakthrough” moment when conceiving or executing this project that you can share?

"It was probably when we decided to limit the number of polos to the exact amount of remaining species in the world."

What was the greatest challenge that arose during your work on this? What about the most rewarding moment?

"One of the most rewarding moments was on the reveal day at Paris Fashion Week. We were all united—Lacoste, IUCN and BETC—to see this project go live after so much dedication. We were moved and excited to see the first positive reactions around this project we all believed in."

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