A message from Jury Chairman Nicolas Roope

Lovie X: For A Better Internet

The last ten years have seen the Internet go mainstream, go global and start to devour and disrupt every facet of our lives, and the societies and states in which they operate. All of us who spoke of a technological revolution years ago have been vindicated. This has been a key chapter in human history no doubt, and one that’s still at a nascent stage.

Since launching The Lovie Awards in 2011, we’ve seen digital companies become the richest and most influential operators.

We’ve witnessed our cultural order reconstituted around a new means of connection, transaction and dissemination. We’ve seen governments installed by the power of social media. Even if we wish we hadn’t.

But the necessary adjustment we need to make in order to perform this profound succession of power from the old to the avant guard is sizeable. One that would normally last decades. But here we are. We won. Our beloved interactive media has taken over. The current state of the Internet–flaws and all–is our collective creation (well done us by the way, especially love the cats!).

It’s our new responsibility to steward the Internet’s transformative power. This is our digital land to constitute, govern and form and yes, it’s our own mess to clear up.

So now, our purpose at The Lovies has grown: To bang our drum for all those who have grasped the importance of building a better Internet, and the enormity of the task. For those fighting hate and exploitation, those lighting our lives with laughter, those telling the stories that would otherwise remain untold. We’re no longer celebrating an industry but a world stitched together by the Internet. A world in need of help, direction and solutions; Which is something we’re all best placed to answer. But only if we can come together for a better Internet.

So: Will you join us in this mission? We hope so! We’ve made it easy: everything you need to share your pledge and get involved is here.

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