Letter from the Lovie Organisers

This season of the Lovie Awards is dedicated to collaborations.

A very warm welcome to the 14th Annual Lovie Awards season. Whether you’ve been a part of the Lovie Awards community since our first year back in 2010 or are one of the many new participants we were thrilled to welcome in our hallmark season last year, we are so glad to see you!

Last year, we unveiled a brand-new era for the Lovie Awards, and with it, came a revitalised mission: to honour European excellence across the fields of culture, technology and business. A vital part of this mission is elevating the trends that are shaping the Internet in Europe, and informing the work of our community. In our biggest season of submissions yet, one thing was clear:

Europe is in its peak collaboration era.

Snapchat x le Louvre. BBC x Minecraft. SSENSE x ESSENCE. Ledger x Fendi. Prada x AXIOM. Deezer x Sonos. Agency for Nature. Rejina Pyo x SOJO. Vinted x VAAYU. Charlotte Tilbury X F1 Academy. eBay x Love Island. L’Oreal x Hapta. Lovie Awards entrants span brands, agencies, entertainment, platforms, museums, cultural institutions, causes, governments, and technologies. The surge of collaborations across these sectors has never been more ubiquitous and experimental.

Inspired by you, the 14th Annual Lovie Awards season will be dedicated to collaborations. Explored through a rich programme of all-new editorial formats, community events and online dialogues, plus an all-new thought-leadership study, we’re recognising the partnerships that will leave a lasting impact on Europe’s digital landscape. From pooling resources, creative soul mates, open sources, idea sharing and uniting for a common purpose – join us in 2024 to dig into what makes a good collaboration tick.

In a world increasingly defined by polarisation, co-operative partnerships that reach across the void have never been more pertinent – when they’re done meaningfully.

We can’t wait to see what you’ve been working on, and who you’ve been working with!

Entries are now open for the 14th Annual Lovie Awards.


Jacqueline Kavanagh

Managing Director, the Lovie Awards