Winner Highlights

We are so thrilled to share The 6th Annual Lovie Awards Winners, representing the very best of the European Internet across Websites, Online Advertising, Internet Video, Social and of course Mobile & Apps.

With 400+ expert Academy members across Europe, a record number of entries from nearly 40 countries were judged and thousands of reviews were completed to cull the very best work. And with nearly 60,000 votes from the online public, this year’s Gold, Silver, Bronze and People’s Lovie Winners prove once again that Europe is a region of immense innovation and creativity when it comes to the Internet.

  • 2016 Special Achievement Winners

Lovie Person of the Year: Annie Lennox

Ms. Lennox expertly and relentlessly uses social media to leverage her platform and outreach to create a better world for others. She proves by example that the Internet can be utilised as a highly effective tool to amplify messaging in terms of global advocacy and activism. Her efforts abound, from working with organisations such as Oxfam, Amnesty International, Comic Relief, Greenpeace, 46664, UNAIDS and The British Red Cross, amongst countless others, as well as promoting gender empowerment through the organisation she founded, The

Lovie Lifetime Achievement Award: Yann LeCun

Mr. LeCun is a pioneer in the creation of neural networks and his contribution to the science of machine learning, mobile robotics and computational neuroscience is legendary. As a founder of Neural Nets, LeCun applied biological methods of perception to computer processors. Currently continuing his forward-thinking work as the Head of Artificial Intelligence at Facebook, LeCun is delivering his genius and life’s work into the hands of a global user base.

Lovie Artist of the Year: Romain Gavras

Mr. Gavras has had a big career as a music video director for artists like Kanye West, Jay-Z and M.I.A.; but it is his latest, Internet-native video—for Jamie XX’s song “Gosh”— that cements him into the canon of modern artists who fearlessly create work for a global online audience, with unabashed vision. With the remarkable artistic decision to cast 400 people and to forgo any CGI or 3D effects, Gavras turned out a stunning work of art that ranks among one of the most visually appealing, and interesting, original online music videos today.

Lovie Creators for Change: Rose Ellen Dix and Rosie Spaughton

Rose Ellen Dix and Rosie Spaughton are the inaugural Lovie Creators for Change Award recipients, developed in partnership with YouTube and the YouTube Creators for Change Programme. The award honours creators whose work exemplifies the programme mission: to use the global power of online video to combat misunderstanding, fear and intolerance on the Internet. Rose and Rosie’s positive content and open dialogue around LGBT issues do just this. With comedy throughout, they share nearly everything about their life together, showing without telling that honesty and open-mindedness are some of the most important ingredients in spreading a message of equality far and wide. Together, they show no fear in discussing what can be difficult subjects, from sexuality to discrimination, and it’s this unabashed liberal attitude that engages their audiences time and again, and inspires continual conversation.

Lovie Emerging Entrepreneurs: Fairphone

Fairphone’s socially-enterprising endeavour is an example of futurism put into practice. It is Fairphone’s cause to simultaneously push the technology of smartphones forward for consumers—through their own design of a modular Android smartphone built to last—while simultaneously minimising harm to the planet through responsible manufacturing and mining practices. Fairphone is changing our culture of consumerism for the better, and taking a proactive role in protecting our climate.

Lovie Be Greater with Data Award: Süddeutsche Zeitung

Breaking the story of the Panama Papers, which is the largest data leak in history, Süddeutsche Zeitung set a new standard for online research and reporting. By organising a global team of reporters in partnership with ICIJ (International Consortium of Investigative Journalists), to collaboratively parse, annotate and research the immense amount of data—almost entirely through a special online system—they revealed the secretive dealings of 214,000 shell companies on the world stage.


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