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The Lovie Letters 2015

In partnership with Google, we went behind the scenes again this year with Lovie winners to learn all about the hard work, dedication, and passion that went into making their projects, and to ask what it means to each of them to be a part of the European Internet as a whole.

Today, we’re bringing you all these new stories in our The Lovie Letters showcase, featuring an exclusive interview with The European Space Agency, our 2015 Lovie Be Greater with Data Award Winner.

In fact, we visited The ESA Headquarters in Amsterdam to meet Matt Taylor, Project Scientist on the Rosetta Mission, who shared with us not only what it took for the team to land spacecraft on a comet (i.e. years and years of hard work), but some of the most emotional and mind-blowing moments along the way. Take a look:

From Tam Tam’s work with Doctor’s Without Borders to Lovie Emerging Entrepreneur Lily Cole’s Impossible.com, and Made by Many’s connected product “Hackaball,” The Lovie Letters collection of exclusive winners’ stories puts you inside the minds of the people responsible for Europe’s best and most innovative projects that shape the Internet as we know it today.

See them all at www.lovieletters.eu

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