Sofie Hagen to Host the 12th Annual Lovie Awards

We are thrilled to announce that acclaimed comedian, activist and podcaster Sofie Hagen is hosting the 12th Annual Lovie Awards: Tomorrow Together, our virtual show happening on the 2nd of November at 14:00 GMT! Learn more about Sofie and all of her accomplishments below.

Sofie Hagen is a London-based Danish comedian, podcaster, and activist. In 2015, Sofie won the Best Newcomer award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for her debut show Bubblewrap. Since then she has embarked on an illustrious career with several sold out stand-up shows, a hit podcast and a debut book, “Happy Fat”, chronicling her journey to self-acceptance in a judgemental world.

Sofie’s social media presence is a delight! Through her accounts, she shares snippets of her comedy shows and hilarious reels, but also her outspoken activism against fatphobia and transphobia.

The wildly successful podcast Who Hurt You? sees Sofie ask the question ‘why are we the way we are?’ with the help of esteemed guests ranging from forensic psychotherapists to attorneys and actors. Sofie has also hosted several other successful podcasts including Comedians Telling Stuff and even the podcast of 11th Annual Lovie Awards host Deborah Frances-White, The Guilty Feminist.

In summary, Sofie Hagen is the perfect person to host the European Internet’s biggest night! See a few of her greatest hits in these clips below:

  • The Best of Sofie Hagen

See Where She Gets Her Competitive Spirit

In her stand-up show, Generation Boyband Fan, Sofie tells the story of how she made an awkward bet while in bed that led her to realize how competitive she actually is. She walks the audience through how she stole a racehorse when she was just seven years old, and how she became the best boyband fan through conviction alone. Watch it now!

She'll Break Down What Feminism Is

When asked by a Danish reporter to define the broad movement that is feminism, Sofie quickly detailed the barebones of the movement. In this short clip, she details to her audience the burning question he followed up with and her personal philosophy on feminism.

She Isn't Afraid of a Good Roast Session

Comedian Larry Dean was struggling to keep up with Sofie’s witticism during their set at Comedy Central Roast Battle. Larry’s roasts on her dad and Wikipedia page did not faze her as Sofie fired right back by teasing him on his obscurity and how unfunny he is for a comedian.

Listen to the latest episode of Sofie’s podcast featuring Author Hazel Hayes!



Don’t miss Sofie Hagen hosting the 12th Annual Lovie Awards, happening on Wednesday, 2nd of November, at 14:00 GMT! The show will feature the Lovie winners announcements as well as appearances by our Special Achievement winners and other special moments.

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