How To Enter The Lovie Awards

How to honour your work at The Lovie Awards—the most prestigious and only truly pan-European award recognising Internet excellence across culture, tech and business.

From tech giants to disruptive advertising campaigns, the best digital work out of Europe is represented among Lovie Winners.

But you can’t win if you don’t enter. Check out some pointers on how to participate in our biggest season yet.

The 9th Annual Lovie Awards

The 9th Annual Lovie Awards

Step 1: Create Excellent Digital Work

First and foremost, entering The Lovies begins with the great work you have created throughout the year.


Step 2: Pick the Right Category

There’s only one way to enter, but eight media types to win in.

AI, XR & Web3 (*new this year!) honours excellent work in artificial intelligence, extended reality, and immersive experiences.

Apps, Platforms & Software honours outstanding apps, platforms and software in a multitude of General and Features categories.

Film & Video recognises film & video that premiered online, from Documentaries, Series & Channels, Performance and Craft, Branded Entertainment, and more.

Podcasts honours outstanding podcasts, including across Creativity & Marketing, Crime & Justice, Sustainability & Environment, Best Host, Best Writing, and more.

Marketing, Advertising & PR honours the breadth of digital advertising, including Innovative PR, Branded Content, Media, and Integrated work.

Social which recognises social content and marketing across all social platforms.

Websites & Mobile Sites celebrate the best websites designed for any screen, including features like aesthetics, and user experience.

Beyond, which is an honour dedicated to recognising outstanding European digital projects with the potential to positively impact global society.

Need help deciding which category is best for your work? Contact our Customer Service Representative Mary Charles at


Step 3: Set Up a Lovie Account

Don’t lose your work! You will automatically be prompted to set up an account when you submit 4 or more entries. We highly recommend you save your entry to stay on top of your progress.

Setting up an account allows you to track your work and payment history, and upload or save any additional information, such as team credits.


Step 4: Define Your Company’s Role in the Work

You’ll notice that while entering, you’ll be prompted to submit “Your Role.” Why do we ask this? It is so we can credit you properly in our Winners Gallery if you win.

What are the distinctions between the Agency, Internal and PR roles when entering The Lovies?

Agency work is made on behalf of a client.

Internal work is used by the company or brand which created it.

PR firms submit work for the clients they represent.


Step 5: Finish and Submit Your Work by the Deadline

Once you’ve uploaded your projects and all supporting info, hit submit before our Early Entry Deadline on Friday, 26 April to secure your spot in the competition—and take advantage of early pricing!


Michael Dapaah at The 9th Annual Lovie Awards

Michael Dapaah at The 9th Annual Lovie Awards

Mary’s Top Tips for Entering

Our expert customer service rep, Mary Charles, is here to help with all of your entry-related queries and concerns. Here are her top tips on entry best practices—we asked so you didn’t have to.

  • Campaign Entries: When you submit campaign work, I recommend you submit a landing page that includes project details, a case study video, marketing results/stats, etc. along with a link(s) to the actual elements of the campaign. Also remember, our rules require a non-branded landing page.


  • Apps & Mobile: For subscription-based apps or sites, we recommend that you provide a guest login for our judges. It is helpful to provide our judges with the opportunity to fully experience the work and have them have the most seamless experience possible.


  • Monitor your submission: We recommend that you check the links you provided several times through the judging period. Links will often turn off or videos can get removed, so make sure the judges always have access to your work. Check back regularly to make sure they do.


  • I’m here to help: I’m always on hand to help as well. If you have any questions about entering, including eligibility and guidelines, category recommendations and more, please don’t hesitate to contact me at or on the phone at + 1 212 675 3555.

To ensure your great work is submitted without a hitch, check out our Eligibility & Guidelines page for our useful breakdown of the entry rules, fees, and terms.

The 14th Annual Lovie Awards is Open for Entries!

Our Early Entry Deadline is your only chance to take advantage of early pricing. Enter before Friday, 26 April!