The People’s Lovie Awards: Everything You Need to Know

Creating a successful campaign is the key to claiming a People’s Lovie Award. Here’s everything you need to know to make an impact.

The 12th Annual Lovie Finalists are officially announced 20 September! This marks the start of the People’s Lovie Awards! From now until Thursday, 6 October 2022, Lovie Finalists go head-to-head to compete for the coveted People’s Lovie Award in each category.

If you’re a Lovie Finalist, this is your time to shine, and push your fans to the polls to vote for your work. We’ve compiled a few tips and tricks below to help you get started.

Sophie Wilson, inventor of the ARM processor, winning Lifetime Achievement at the Lovie Awards.

Sophie Wilson, inventor of the ARM processor, winning Lifetime Achievement at the Lovie Awards.


What is a People’s Lovie Award?

While the European members of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS) select the Gold, Bronze and Silver Lovie Winners, the voting Internet public selects the winners of the People’s Lovie in each category.

How do I become eligible for a People’s Lovie Award?

Great question. Once you or your organisation has been named a Finalist, you are automatically eligible to earn the Gold, Bronze or Silver Lovie in your category as well as the People’s Lovie Award.

Where should people vote?

All voters can head to to cast ballots.

What makes for an impactful People’s Lovie campaign?

We’re glad you asked. See below for examples from a few past Lovie Finalists who made a splash on social and elsewhere online shouting out their finalist status. Hurry: Voting closes at 23:59 GMT on Thursday 6 October!

  • People's Lovie: Everything You Need To Know

A Good GIF Is a Good Policy

Twitter and Instagram should be your first stop for your People’s Lovie campaign. Posting and tweeting will help motivate your supporters into action.

Using a witty GIF is a simple, yet effective, strategy to seal their vote. Try using something both fun and relevant to your work, like BBC Earth.

Create New Artwork

Another way to inspire online fans to hit the polls is to create special artwork shouting your status as a Lovie Finalist. Try incorporating the People’s Lovie logo into a new cover photo or image on a social media post, like Micro But Many did (pictured above).

Create a Unique Video

Adding a bit of movie magic to your campaign can be a winning strategy. Capture the online public’s attention with a short promo video, like Kolab Digital (pictured above).

Call on Influencers

Having a cultural influencer or big-name celebrity shout your work on social is a great way to get loads of votes and recognition. Simply ask One Direction, whose tweet helped the 1D website win the People’s Lovie for Best Music Website.

Share Your Narrative

Excited to be a People’s Lovie Finalist? Sharing the good news through a blog or People’s Lovie page on your website is a great way to inspire fans to vote. Lovie Winner Denkwerk did just that.

More Resources

There are many was to promote your work in order to claim your People’s Lovie Award. It’s now in your creative control. We hope these tips help make your campaign as impactful as possible, so you can join the ranks of past Lovie Winners like YouTube Creator for Change Alex Bertie (pictured) and make your mark as the best of the European Internet!

Ready to vote for the best of the European Internet? Head to from now until Thursday, 6 October 2022 Lovie Winners will be announced on Wednesday, 12 October 2022, with a special virtual celebration.