Celebrating Ada Lovelace

Ada Lovelace is The Lovie Awards namesake, and we’re celebrating the 19th-century British scientist as we announce and celebrate the Finalists for the 8th Annual Lovie Awards!

Learn more about Ada Lovelace’s brilliant accomplishments, how they changed computing and why we celebrate her legacy at The Lovies.

When thinking of early pioneers in computer science Ada Lovelace should be top of mind. A scientist in 19th century England, in 1843 she wrote and published the world’s first computer program.

A true visionary, Lovelace imagined greater possibilities for computing, like creating art and music using programmatic inputs.

Lovelace remains a symbol of European excellence and ingenuity in tech. Her creation of the first computer program paved the way for innovation across the web, from program development to AI and beyond. Unfortunately, her achievements went largely unrecognised for over a century.

We named our prestigious awards show after Lovelace to honour European Internet innovators in her name—and to ensure that Europe’s pioneers in tech have a chance to be recognised and celebrated on a stage of their own.


This year’s Lovie Awards Finalists—who like Lovelace have expanded the possibilities of digital—are competing for your votes in the People’s Lovie Awards. Vote now!