On Pushing Past Hype to Drive the Industry Forward

What does it take to push boundaries with great creative work?

To Boris Carreau, Lovie Awards Judge and Regional Director at sports-centric creative agency Willie Beamen, a willingness to collaborate across diverse sectors is critical.

By leading with this philosophy of welcoming unique POVs to the table, Carreau holds a 15+ year career of building some of the industry’s smartest brands—from Ralph Lauren and adidas, to Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, and Dyson, among others.

We spoke with Carreau in the latest edition of our new ‘Notes on Collaboration’ series to explore his take on what makes a good collab tick.

  • What do you perceive as the value in cross-sector collaborations? Are they primarily for hype, or do you believe they can be pivotal?

    Cross-sector collaborations can provide significant value by merging diverse expertise, fostering innovation, and creating unique, marketable products. While they may generate hype, their pivotal impact lies in pushing boundaries, reaching new audiences, and driving industry evolution.

  • Can a collaboration with a smaller partner unexpectedly transform your team's approach?

    Yes, collaborating with a smaller partner can unexpectedly transform a team’s approach by bringing fresh perspectives, agility, and innovative ideas that might not have been considered within the team’s existing framework.

  • What upcoming collaboration opportunities in your field are you especially enthusiastic about?

    I firmly believe in the influence of culture, particularly through the realms of Fashion, Art, Music, and Entertainment (FAME). When approached authentically, I consider collaborations within these domains to be the most impactful.

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