Ask a Lovie Judge

Q&A: What Paola Bonini Looks for When Judging The Lovies


Lovie Judge and Senior Media Advisor at Rai, Paola Bonini shares what she looks for when judging The Lovies, why it’s important to enter and more.

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Next up in our Ask a Lovie Judge series, we’re delighted to shine the spotlight on Paola Bonini!

Based in Milan, Bonini is the Senior Media Advisor at Rai. She spoke to us about what works she’s loved in The Lovies, what stands out to her when she’s judging and why it’s important for those making work for a European audience to enter each year.

Read our Q&A with Paola Bonini below, and enter your work in the 9th Annual Lovie Awards before the Entries Close on 13 Sept. 2019!


1. What’s your favourite thing about judging The Lovies?

I think the best thing for me is having the chance to review a selection of the most interesting work created worldwide. It’s a way of exploring the evolutions of creative trends and discovering talents.

2. What’s the most inspiring piece of work you’ve judged in The Lovies?

I’m always particularly interested in the Public Service & Activism categories. There are many creations I appreciate a lot—notably, “Help for Help,” a winner in Social Video (BBDO Berlin).

3. Why is it important to enter The Lovie Awards?

It’s important to enter The Lovies because you’ll have the chance of displaying your talent and creative achievement; because your work can be a source of inspiration for many, even if it doesn’t make to the final steps of the award—and because if you get to it, the awards ceremony is amazing!

4. What’s one thing you look for when judging in a particular media type, or at all?

We’re literally submerged by content on a daily basis: it’s frequently well executed, and interesting, but it only seldom really stands out or gains a place in your memory. When it does, I think it’s because the concept it is based on achieves the goal of making you look at things from a different perspective.

That’s what I look for: works that put reality under a new light. When it happens, it sort of lends you new eyes, and it’s refreshing.

5. What’s the most interesting trend you’ve seen on the European Internet this year?

In this particular historical passage, with the climate change issues challenging us, I think that the most interesting trend is a sort of new minimalism, in terms of visuals and messages: I see it as a mark of the strive for a renewed lifestyle, more simple and authentic. The trend shows that choosing the essential doesn’t mean been cheap or boring, but making space for a deeper meaning—once again, a space where you can perceive things in a different way.

Make sure our judges like Paola Bonini see your work this year. Enter the 9th Annual Lovie Awards. The Extended Entry Deadline is 13 September 2019. Enter now!

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