Spotify’s Marie-Louise Sadakane Shares Her Thoughts on Winning Social Campaigns

Cutting through the noise on social media is no easy task, but Lovie-Winning social campaigns have managed to not only stand out from the daily torrent of content, but make a meaningful impression across the European Internet as well.

Wondering how you can spice up your social campaigns? Ask Lovie Social Judge Marie-Louise Sadakane, Head of Consumer Marketing Germany, Austria and Switzerland at Spotify (photo credit: Ailine Liefeld).

We chatted with Sadakane about a few Lovie-Winning social campaigns (as well as her favourite podcast), and what made them rise to the top. Have a look at her responses below, and make sure you enter your best work for the 7th Annual Lovie Awards: The Extended Entry Deadline is coming up on Friday, 28th July!

"Fest & Flauschig" hosts Jan Böhmermann & Olli Schulz.

This is The Lovie Awards’ first year recognising a suite of Podcast honours. What’s your favourite podcast right now and why?

Fest & Flauschig: Highly entertaining audio content hosted by very high profile comedic talents (Jan Böhmermann & Olli Schulz) discussing German Zeitgeist topics.

What trend are you most excited about in the next three years, and how do you think it impacts the people creating work for the European Internet?

In my personal opinion, it’s the rise of voice. This will totally change the need for interfaces and our behavior and thinking around interaction between humans and technology. Imagine today we depend on several devices. Some are already connected to the internet, and some are not ready yet. Their interface will probably change immensely. Take for example the process of searching. It will become a new experience and probably way more precise, and suddenly it could be a natural thing like speaking to a friend. Technology might take over the role of doing the background work more and more, and being human will be the real differentiator.

“The rise of voice ... will totally change the need for interfaces and our behavior and thinking around interaction between humans and technology.”

Marie-Louise Sadakane
Head of Consumer Marketing Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Spotify

Last year’s Bronze Lovie Winner for Best Use of Photography was #BMWStories Collection. What stands out to you about this social campaign from a content and creativity standpoint?

Using a simple “core idea” like the Panini sticker collection to drive engagement within the community is something that stands out for me.

Last year’s Gold Lovie Winner in Education & Discovery was CodinGame. What qualities make this an excellent overall experience for users?

The gamification approach mixed with the opportunity to learn from likeminded people while having fun makes it an excellent experience.

Last year’s Bronze Lovie Winner for Best Use of Video was BodyPositive. How does the specific use of video in this campaign demonstrate excellence in creativity?

These videos are the extraordinary stories of amazing people. Their stories inspire people and using video as the vehicle for emotions makes them visible for everyone.


Last year’s Silver Lovie Winner in Public Service & Activism was #OursToLose. What sets #OursToLose apart in terms of content and engagement?

Uniting people all over the world and focusing on a very serious topic but still keeping a positive tonality makes it different from what has been done before.

The Extended Entry Deadline for the 7th Annual Lovie Awards is fast approaching on Friday, 28th July. Check out new categories in Social this year like Best Social Video Series, Experimental/Innovation, Best Use of Messaging and more. Enter your best work here.