Do & Company’s Federico Gaggio On Lovie-Winning Video Work

From viral video sensations to the latest in cutting-edge VR, there’s a huge amount of innovation happening in online video, and we at The Lovie Awards get to see the very best of it every year. Lovie-Winning works like Google UK’s Inside Abbey Road or the Unpacking Samsung campaign have set a high standard for videos made for the European Internet—and competition in the space is only increasing.

We asked Lovie Judge Federico Gaggio, Brand Builder and Creative Leader at Do&Co, his thoughts on what made those and other winning videos so great, and what trends will influence online video in the years to come. Check out his responses below. And don’t forget: The Extended Entry Deadline is Friday, 28th July! Enter your best work today.

Gaggio is a fan of BBC Radio 4's lineup of podcasts.

Gaggio is a fan of BBC Radio 4's lineup of podcasts.

This is The Lovie Awards’ first year recognising a suite of Podcast honours. What’s your favourite podcast right now and why?

I regularly listen to BBC Radio 6 and Radio 4, who produce many excellent podcasts. In-depth, entertaining and inspiring, they really add to the live service.

What trend are you most excited about in the next three years, and how do you think it impacts the people creating work for the European Internet?

I am seriously intrigued by Blockchain technology. Aside from crypto-currencies, I recently became aware of the transformational possibilities that this technology offers in many areas of life and business. It could have a massive impact on IP-based value creation and capturing, disrupting corporate dominance and empowering small entrepreneurs, creators and consumers.

“I am seriously intrigued by Blockchain technology... It could have a massive impact on IP-based value creation and capturing.”

Federico Gaggio
Brand Builderand Creative Leader at Do&Co

The Lovie Awards honours Internet Video across a range of categories; and the Academy evaluates video entries based on four criteria: concept & writing, quality of craft, integration and overall experience. Last year’s Gold Lovie Winner for Best Use of Interactive Video was Wei or Die. What sets this work apart in terms of its concept and quality of craft?

It works because it pushes the boundaries of filmmaking, experimenting with multiple cameras and an interactive timeline while maintaining a compelling film narrative. An excellent use of the opportunities offered by interactive video to explore new forms of cinematic storytelling.

Last year’s Silver Lovie Winner for Viral Video (Branded) was Unpacking Samsung. What qualities put this over the top?

I think it’s a great video, telling a story of design innovations across decades in a visually entertaining chain of stylish puns and and rewarding tricks.

Last year’s Gold Lovie Winner for Virtual Reality was Inside Abbey Road for Cardboard. Can you speak to why, from a concept and writing point of view, this VR experience is a stand-out success?

It’s a really well-researched, written and executed piece of documentary storytelling, flawlessly delivered as a VR interactive experience. Both content and navigation are fantastic. It’s an absorbing and fascinating experience for music fans, curious minds and geeks of any variety.

The Extended Entry Deadline for the 7th Annual Lovie Awards is fast approaching on Friday, 28th July. Check out new Internet Video categories including Best Social Video Series, Video Advertising, Food & Drink and more, and enter here.