Meet the 2023 Lovie Agency of the Year: DEPT®

The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences is thrilled to recognise DEPT® for visionary thinking and execution to craft remarkable branded work on the Internet.

We’re so excited to announce the recipient of the 2023 Lovie Agency of the Year Award, DEPT®!

Selected by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS), the Lovie Agency of the Year Award recognises DEPT® for sheer excellence and crafting the most innovative advertising work on the European Internet.

Their team, with their close attention to craft, achieved the most success at the 13th Annual Lovie Awards. They led the competition with 35 winning entries, including 12 Gold, 13 Silver, and 10 Bronze Lovie Awards, plus a record-breaking 30 People’s Lovie Awards earned across all categories.

DEPT® is a global, full-service digital agency and a pioneer in innovating technology and marketing to help brands stay ahead of the curve. They represent a new era in digital branded work, with each project showcasing creative uses of tech. Rebellion is in their foundation, using insights and close collaboration with clients to push traditional industry standards out and usher in new cultures.

With their team of 4,000+ specialists across 30+ locations, they build brands, create digital identities, develop stellar user experiences, and elevate companies’ tech stacks—all supported end-to-end across tech and marketing. Their work spans industries, from commerce, fashion and lifestyle, health, arts and culture, and public service, among many others.

See Yourself in Sound, by DEPT® for Bang & Olufsen
Light the Way, by DEPT® for La Pierre
The Van Gogh Collection Catalogue, by DEPT®

Notable winning work includes See Yourself in Sound, a web app designed to generate a colourful, vibrant, and one-of-a-kind avatar for all users, made by Hello Monday/DEPT® for Danish electronics company Bang & Olufsen. To launch Lapierre’s new eZesty electric mountain bike, DEPT® developed Light the Way, a new campaign helping the French brand assert its inventor status. The campaign film got over 130,000 views on YouTube in under two weeks, with incredible visuals centred on handmade multimedia elements, and artful film and photography.

DEPT® is also the team behind viral online moments like the global commercial Did somebody say… Katy Perry and the social campaign eBay x Love Island.

Their winning body of work also includes inaugural wins in our new Beyond categories this season: The Van Gogh Collection Catalogue, a digital archive of his life’s work categorised in eight collections for researchers worldwide to access with ease. Their initiative “I Came by Train” is a social media campaign mobilising travellers to opt for trains when possible, with the help of popular trainspotter and TikTok creator Francis Bourgeois and British singer-songwriter Craig David.


A huge congratulations to the DEPT® team for creating projects that entertain and inform millions worldwide, and for setting a new standard of excellence for branded work on the Internet.


The Winners of the 13th Annual Lovie Awards are announced! With over 1,200 entries submitted from over 30 countries across Europe—plus 70,000 votes from more than 30,000 fans in the People’s Lovie Awards—this season is the biggest in our history.

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