A Letter From the Organisers

Welcome to the all new Lovie Awards.

There’s never been a better time to work on the Internet in Europe.

We should know. The Lovies was launched in 2010 to recognise the unique and resonant nature of the European Internet. Since then, the Internet and Europe’s landscape have changed a lot. The last few decades have seen seismic shifts take place. Europe is invigorated with new values, ideas and talent, sparked by social shifts across the continent and influenced by new citizens from around the world. The scene is bursting with energy, camaraderie and creativity.

Just down the road from my home in Paris, companies like Ledger are advancing blockchain technologies that are shaping the next iteration of the Internet—one that’s open, decentralised and secure. In Berlin, Vaayu is using AI and machine learning technologies to build the world’s first carbon tracking software. Amsterdam continues to lead the world as a ‘living lab’ for connected, inclusive and sustainable solutions to mobility. In Vilnius, Vinted is steadily growing the largest online consumer marketplace in Europe for second-hand fashion. In Brussels, policy-makers are architecting systems to foster innovation, empowering people to create technologies that could solve the world’s biggest problems. They’re also creating safeguards that are inspiring digital policy all over the world.

These changes are shaping the next era for Europe across culture, business and technology.

I’m thrilled to take the lead at the Lovie Awards during this pivotal moment for Europe. We’ve re-envisioned our look (thanks to the Bureau for Visual Affairs), what we stand for, the work we recognise and who judges it. Matching our ambition to your work and today’s European Internet.

After all, Europe’s Internet history has just begun.


Jacqueline Kavanagh