We’re excited to release the 2020 Lovie Trend Report, For A Better Internet: How the Internet is Holding Us All Together. This year’s report examines the array of incredible work being made in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, during a time where the Internet is our glue more than ever before. We look at the work that’s entertaining us during this time, maintaining us, and helping us: from tools to educate our children at home, tech to help us stay healthy, platforms using video in new and creative ways, to enabling huge social movements powered by the Internet. At a time when the Internet can feel chaotic (bots running wild; disinformation; fake news; harassment), we’ve found that there is also much to be inspired by, work aimed at uniting people, helping advocate for ourselves and our communities, and work that’s fighting to save lives. Not all hope is lost, and we invite you to see why in our 2020 Trend Report, which you can Download Below.