From 2011-17, the trademark of The Lovie Awards is each winners’ official video acceptance speech, which was called a Declaration of Lovie. Each was a brief speech that MUST include the word « love » to commemorate the achievement.

Starting in 2018, Lovie Winners delivered a 7 Word Speech! You can watch them all here from the 9th Annual Lovie Awards event in London, and see our 2020 Winners Speeches in our first-ever virtual Lovie Awards experience, Lovies X Everywhere!

This format is a nod to the 5-Word Speech, popularised by our international sister The Webby Awards, and to the 7 European languages in which The Lovies accepts work. Plus, it’s a fun creative constraint, a recipe for fantastic speeches.

From native language speeches, to singing, to costumes, Lovie Winners have delivered incredible speeches over the years. Head over to our list of the Top 10 Declarations of Lovie to see some choice examples. And of course, you’ll find all Declarations of Lovie through the years here. Enjoy!

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